Botanical Inspiration

botanical print clary sage 1

Clary Pfeiffer Letterpress 2

Layers of Loveliness 3Botanical Wedding 8

White Wax Seal 4

Clary Pfeiffer Illustration 5

Clary Sage Letterpress 6

Clary Pfeiffer Photography Fine Art Film 9

Feelings of love and joy in having such amazing friends to help bring a vision of my new site and letterpress to life! The inspiration started with a gorgeous antique botanical print of “Clary Sage” I fell in love with. Miya from Layers of Loveless illustrations are visually stunning and there is so much artistry in her work. Together we created this hand drawn font incorporating Clary Sage. The lovely Megan with Ruby the Fox designed letterpress and Stacey from Steracle Press crafted these final beauties.


Antique Botanical Print – Belle Botanica

Custom Wax Seal – Stamptitude

Site Design – Dustin Davis