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From Jamaica with Love

“Maybe you can see the sun rays through the ocean the moment it dips in the horizon” I said as the sunset while snorkeling. Travis laughed knowing I was teasing his logical engineer mind.

But nothing seamed impossible in those moments. It was the bliss of Jamaica being more than a dream, better than imagination.

We ate breakfast feet away from the ocean while parrots talked in the fruit trees above us. I stepped on a sea urchin and Travis fell in love with jerk chicken at the Push Cart. We took pictures of angel fish with a cheap underwater camera for Hughes and Jettie. I drank coffee all day and Travis read 3 books. We jumped straight into the ocean from our one room Rockhouse.

Today I’m bringing a small piece of Jamaica to you. Coffee, your choice of an 8×10 from the gallery, and that green bracelet seen above, which I adored so much I got two. Leave some love, let me know if you’ve been to Jamaica or not. I’ll select a random comment and announce the winner on Friday morning.

ps-couples, if you are looking for a gorgeous place to get married at the most amazing place on earth, Rockhouse is the one.

pss-thanks again to Sara and Loren who had me photograph this wedding during the same trip:)

***Print winner*** You all are so great for leaving all this love, it was a great trip and I’m so glad I could share a small bit of it with you. Jen O!! You are right in the middle of the comments so the print and prize in yours!