Golden Light

I’ve dreamed of a bright, clean space to let my mind be as creative as it can sitting in front of a computer when really I want to be out in wide open spaces doing what I love. Photographing. This was just a theory vs. my reality of tripping on bags of equipment, a desk covered in film in a dark unloved room.

Until now. This is my new reality filled with delightful reminders of the people I love, golden light and…


blue skies. We painted the ceiling the loveliest shade of wide-open-spaces-blue.

The most perfect golden brass chandelier.

Letterpress I’m still in love with, sitting pretty on my desk.

This little corner filled with invitations from the best couples, a sunny yellow note from my favorite stationer, a watercolor from Jettie, and snaps of sweet moments in life like Hughes making his CCC.

A painting from college that was discarded for years and now has a home.

Lastly, these are not things but more joy that fill the space, music for dancing and our new friend. We rescued Scout a few months ago and it turns out he’s the best co-worker. He reminds me to get out for some fresh air and walk, tells me we should get something to eat and he doesn’t ask me to turn my favorite part of a song down.

ps-The current office dance music. Enjoy!

Foster the People-Helena Beat

Gotye-Somebody That I Used To Know

Ellie Goulding-Starry Eyed